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Vaccinations offered for our

Fall 2019 Flu Vaccination Program


Minimum Order for at-your-site services is $350.00


Influenza (flu) Vaccines

Quadrivalent vaccines for 2019

Administered annually for those 4 years and older

Standard Injectable - quadrivalent       

Preservative-Free Injectable - quadrivalent   


Tetanus (Tdap) Vaccine

The Tetanus(Tdap) vaccine may be 

administered at the same time as the flu vaccine

For Tetanus(Tdap), Diphtheria & Pertussis.                            


At-Your-Site Flu Corporate

Flu Program

We bring the flu 

vaccinations to you!

Flu Clinic On-Line

Appointment Scheduler

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time slot here

School Services for

Administrative Staff

TB Testing / Reading

Provided On-Site

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