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Biometrics and Health Screenings

Comprehensive Program - Single Nurse Format


Our single nurse format insures that each step of the screening

process including consultation and documentation is administered

by the same Registered Nurse.

This creates a comfortable, private experience while guaranteeing

the process is efficient, accurate and effective.


Our Process includes the following:

Fasting by midnight the night before is required


  • Height, Weight and Waist Measurements

  • BMI - Body Mass Indexing

  • Blood Pressure and Resting Pulse

  • Lung Capacity Measurement



  • Total Cholesterol Screening

  • HDL, LDL, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

  • LDL,HDL Ratio and Triglycerides

  • Glucose Screening

Program Requirements:

  • Fasting by midnight the night before

  • Minimum participation is 15 per appointment

  • 4 hour time frame (mornings to mid-day recommended)


Data Reporting:

  • Employer receives participation report plus aggregate

  • Participants receive a de-identified results report


Cost per Participant

15 participants or more    $45.00/ea

30 participants or more    $39.00/ea

Employer or participating healthplan

will be billed for all screenings upon completion.

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