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Are You Prepared for the New Workplace Environment?

The Covid-19 pandemic is currently changing the American workplace as we know it.

 It is vital that businesses address the challenges of creating a safe working environment in order to protect the health of employees and the overall continued operations of the Company.

Your Flu Nurse provides the experience, structured protocols and licensed nursing staff

to properly and consistently screen and protect employees so you can work once again with confidence!

Workforce Temperature Checks

A ready-made solution for a safe workplace environment.

Accessing the possible impact Covid-19 could have on your business.

The current and foreseeable threat that the Covid-19 virus presents to a Company's health should not be underestimated. 

In order to maintain continuity of daily operations, the health & safety of employees as well as the workplace environment must be secure.  The impact of employees exposing others within the workforce can trigger quarantines, worker shortages, service interruptions and possibly a temporary suspension of operations.

Your Flu Nurse provides protocols and guidelines

While performing the vital temperature checks, nurses will also

ask specific health questions to determine the status of the entering employees.  The entire process is designed to move individuals steadily and efficiently with the goal to keep delays of entering at a minimum while making sure the screening process is accurate and effective.

Getting it right from start to finish

Nurses provide equipment & optional PPE

As a convenient option, nurses can provide masks for any staff or individuals that may need one to safely enter as well as dispensing hand sanitizer as an added measure of prevention.

Daily screening levels for optimum results

Determine the level of screening that's needed and in what areas in order to reach the desired saturation point of effective coverage throughout the Company's physical operation.

Security guard in PPE suit uses infrared

Isolation plan and documention

Nurses will follow an isolation plan for any employees or individuals who may be deemed to be at-risk. Nurses will provide all necessary documentation, following approved guidelines from the CDC, EEOC, ADA and OSHA.

CDC-specific guidelines are used in determining fever level risk.

  • Nurse arrives in advance of the shift to prepare the temperature station.

  • Nurse checks in with contact | obtains paperwork | sets up check station.

  • Temperature checks and brief questions begin as staff and personnel arrive.

  • Checks are quick, questions are brief and the flow entering is steady and efficient.

  • Hand sanitizing is required and a mask is given if the individual does not have one.

  • Nurse continues temperature checks throughout the shift as staff continue to enter.

  • At the close of the shift, nurse closes up station, submits paperwork to contact, including any isolation cases with details to be submitted as a medical record for files.

of protecting your staff and your workplace environment.

The Daily Process

Determining the scope of service needed

Our nursing staff is available in increments of 3-4 or 6-12 hour shifts per day.  24/7 Availability.

Cost for Temperature Check services will depend on the number of entry points, nurses needed and length of contract.  Minimum time frame at start-up is 2-weeks (10 business days). A 1-week cancellation notice is required after the first 1-week period.  Services are billed on a weekly basis.

Fever Guidelines

The CDC defines a fever

as 100.4° / 38°C or higher.


Social distancing and

privacy practices for

the screening process.

Temperature level to ask

additional questions for

Covid-19 symptoms.


Process for isolating and

sending employees home.

Procedure for impacted

employees returning to

the workplace.

To get started - call:   650-445-0244

Licensed Nursing Staff for Temperature Check Screenings

As with all of our corporate services, what sets us apart is the quality of our licensed nursing staff. Your Flu Nurse

employs only licensed RN's and LVN's for all on-site medical services and screenings. All nursing staff members are

personally screened, hired, trained and directly employed by Your Flu Nurse. You'll find our hand-selected staff to

be courteous, professional and attentive to the details at hand. As a policy, Your Flu Nurse does not employ the use

of independent or contracted nurses through staffing agencies.

Fulfilling the Role as Gatekeeper

Uniformed nurses provide non-contact temporal temperature checks at the beginning of the workday or shift

and possibly throughout the day or shift depending on the needs and characteristics of the Company's operations.

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